What is a goal digger?

A Goal Digger is anyone who has a dream, a plan and no obstacle gets in their way.

About us

Goal Digger is an upcoming Vancouver-based luxury cosmetics company.  We first launched our synthetic mink lashes in September 2020 which since has rapidly expanded into our cosmetics line today.

Our mission is to create high-end cosmetics that give our customers top quality products while promoting a powerful message! We are girl power advocates and believe every woman is beautiful, strong, and capable of achieving all of her goals and dreams!

Our goal is simple: to eliminate all negativity and toxic beliefs about ourselves in order to become the confident, strong, successful goddess that lives inside our wildest fantasies!


At Goal Digger Cosmetics, we believe in the beautiful bond that is sisterhood. We never engage in unhealthy competition or hostility. In the near future we hope to organize anti-bullying, self-love programs in schools and community centers to teach young women effective ways to deal with social issues we encounter today. 

In addition to our mission statement, Goal Digger Cosmetics believes furry friends of all sizes deserve love just as any other human amongst us. This is why all of our products are 100% vegan, and never tested on animals.



Hey you! My name is Ivonne and I am the founder of Goal Digger Cosmetics. My background is far less glamorous than the beauty industry. I worked in the legal environment and have a psychology degree.  I started Goal Digger Cosmetics after a lack of passion and motivation for my corporate job and other business ventures. I didn’t feel fulfilled in my day-to-day life and really wanted to create something fun, vibrant, that would show my personality. 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been very independent and I always dreamed about having more. This is where the Goal Digger comes from. I believe its very important for everyone to be self-sufficient, driven and goal-oriented. My goal is to inspire others to dream big, work hard and live out their wildest dreams.


Big Dreams, Big Girl Power